Deb Jospin

Deb Jospin, Secretary

Deb Jospin is partner and co-founder of sagawa/jospin, a consulting group based in Washington, D.C. Since 2001, sagawa/jospin has provided strategic advice and developed new initiatives for public and private sector clients. Along with her business partner Shirley Sagawa, Deb is the co-author of The Charismatic Organization: Eight Ways to Grow a Nonprofit that Builds Buzz, Delights Donors and Engages Employees.Before starting her consulting career, Deb worked as an attorney in private practice. In 1993 she joined the Corporation for National Service, the federal agency that oversees the AmeriCorps program. After working as Associate General Counsel and Chief of Staff of the Corporation, she was appointed Director of AmeriCorps by President Clinton in 1997. She continues to actively support AmeriCorps members by serving on the boards of the Center for Music National Service and Be the Change. She was also a founding member of the Washington, D.C. Local Advisory Council of Playworks and a founding board member of AmeriCorps Alums. From November 2008 until January 2009, she was a Deputy Team Leader for the Obama Agency Review Transition Team, reviewing the Corporation for National Service.

From 2007-2015, Deb served as the Chair of the Board of the Jonathan M. Tisch College of Citizenship and Public Service. Since 2002, she has also served as a Trustee of Tufts, chairing the Board’s Committee on Trusteeship and its Council of Boards of Advisors, and serving on its Executive Committee. In 2009, she received the Light on the Hill Award, the highest honor that the undergraduate student body bestows on Tufts alumni.


Deb Jospin|Secretary
Deb Jospin|Secretary
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