Nicole Vera
Senior Advisor

[email protected]

Nicole Vera is a strategic and values-driven leader on a mission to support organizations leveraging AmeriCorps to deepen their impact in communities. With 15 years experience in the national service field, Nicole has designed and directed AmeriCorps programs for state and national organizations, spanning dozens to hundreds of members. She is well versed in program design, legislative advocacy, Federal funding requirements, strategic planning, and operations.

A native of Virginia with roots in Peru, Nicole grew up between cultures. From an early age, she learned to draw lines between supposed opposites, to make connections, and live “in between.” It’s because of this that building and tending to relationships is a core value of Nicole’s. In using a people-centered approach Nicole has built and led high-performing teams who excel in their work and enjoy the company of their colleagues, even when the going gets tough.

In 2008 she served as an AmeriCorps member supporting youth transitioning out of systems of care. Eventually, after directing the program she once served with, Nicole moved to Peru to support the work of the Sacred Valley Project, a nonprofit whose mission is to provide access to education for young indigenous women. She would go on to serve as a Program Manager for Reading Partners before stepping into the Director of National Service role for the national nonprofit. Later, she served as the VP of Programs for Lead for America, a national organization connecting locally-rooted talent with distinguished service opportunities.

In 2023, she traded full-time employment to support emerging national service initiatives and spend more time with her three young children.

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Nicole Vera | Senior Advisor
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