Service Year Alliance
What We Do

Service Year Alliance works to increase public and private investments in the service year ecosystem.

We do this by developing and documenting evidence in priority focus areas to persuade decision makers — including federal, state, and local legislators, as well as private sector leaders — to unlock funds for service years.

To achieve our mission, Service Year Alliance builds coalitions and fosters strategic corporate, community, and research partnerships to unlock funds for service years. We develop service year programs and resources in priority focus areas to strengthen the case for service years. We advance policy proposals that unlock public funds for service years to create the opportunity for all young Americans to serve. And lastly, we elevate service years as an experience that transforms lives, strengthens communities, and fuels civic renewal. 

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Policy & Government Relations


We advance several strategic initiatives including:

  • our state-of-the-art marketplace and resource hub that connects young people interested in doing a service year with paid service year opportunities.
  • Serve America Together: our campaign to make national service a part of growing up in America.
  • Service Year Impact Communities: our network of diverse communities where trust and learning are fostered as values and best practices are developed and shared.
  • Service Year Alums: our powerful network of individuals who have served that support and equip one another to get things done so that all people can thrive in strong communities.
  • Rapid Response Learning Cohort: our learning cohort that is bringing together leaders from states, communities, and service year programs that are leveraging service years to respond to new and exacerbated community needs emerging as a result of COVID-19.
Service Year Alliance | What We Do
Service Year Alliance | What We Do
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