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On December 19, 2023 – the Biden Administration announced more details related to the new interagency agreement to advance the next steps for the American Climate Corps. Read our latest statement here!

On September 20, 2023 — the day before AmeriCorps kicked off its 30th anniversary celebrations — the Biden-Harris Administration officially announced the launch of the American Climate Corps (ACC)

The American Climate Corps is a workforce training and service initiative that will ensure more young people have access to the skills-based training necessary for good-paying careers in the clean energy and climate resilience economy. The national service initiative will put youth on pathways to good-paying jobs and will include robust training in clean energy, conservation and climate resilience. The ACC will be formalized by interagency collaboration across the federal government; it aims to expand access to education awards, has the potential to create pathways into federal service, and will tackle pressing climate and environmental resilience challenges in local communities. 

Read the Partnership's statement on the American Climate Corps.



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American Climate Corps
American Climate Corps
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