Service Year Alliance works with the national service field, key stakeholders, and state and federal policymakers to pilot and scale innovations that enhance the corps member experience and expand opportunities to serve for more young Americans.

At the core of our innovation efforts is collaborating with the field and service year alums to better demonstrate the impact of service years on those who serve and the communities they serve. 

By, providing quality post-service pathways like careers in building climate resilience, we willl help to remove barriers to success for the entire national service field. 

We are dedicated to developing new partnerships with policymakers, national service organizations, experts in green jobs and workforce development organizations that can provide post-service opportunities to those who serve. 

Our north star - 1 million young people serving every year solving our nation’s most pressing challenges - requires a new level of creativity. Service Year Alliance looks forward to driving scalable innovations that will help our country reach this vision. 

Some of our innovation efforts:

  • In states like California, efforts are underway leveraging Service Year Alliance’s policy expertise, networks, and platforms to help state leaders expand service to address pressing challenges in their communities.
  • At the federal level, the Service Year Alliance team is working with policymakers on a whole-of-government approach to service - supporting interagency partnerships modeled after FEMA Corps and Public Health AmeriCorps - with a focus on advancing the growth of the American Climate Corps. 
  • As more young Americans seek opportunities to build climate resilience in communities, Service Year Alliance is prepared to equip programs and host organizations with resources needed to enhance these service year experiences and create more pathways to careers in climate.
  • To support corps members in coming together across divides, Service Year Alliance is convening a community of practice to examine, create, test, measure, and spread effective practices and interventions that best equip corps members with the skills and motivations to bridge divides in our society.
  • To celebrate alums and the power of national service to bridge divides, Service Year Alliance unveiled new awards designed to recognize and celebrate service year alums who have gone above and beyond in bridging divides across lines of difference and fostering positive change during their service years and beyond. 

Want to partner with us on new innovations for national service? Contact us at [email protected]

Our Vision