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The Flint Impact Community is led by the United Way of Genesee County and was started in 2011 when the leading nonprofits in Flint, Michigan saw national service as a strategy to meet the community-identified vision outlined in the City of Flint Master Plan. Since then, they have over 35 host sites and 300 members from all branches of AmeriCorps service in the Flint community.

With support from the Charles Stewart Mott Foundation, local government and service partners, the Accelerator supports member development and training, provides coordination for recruitment and networking, and helps organizations offset the costs of hosting members through a National Service Fund. The Flint Impact Community has had incredible success and impact in the community, most recently documented in a 2020 study that concluded that for every $1 of federal funds toward service in Flint, there was a $27.40 return to society, program members, and the government.

Universal National Service Principles:

“The Accelerator has really allowed our members serving the Flint community to have a deeper, richer AmeriCorps experience, which then filters back to the organization as a whole.” - Host Site Supervisor

“I already look around the room [of AmeriCorps members] and I envision the next generation of people running this city. For those [service members] who choose to stay, we’re already connected. We have learned how to work together. I think the Accelerator is going to have a deep and profound impact.” – Service Year Corps Member


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Jamie-Lee Venable, Vice President, Operations


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About the Flint National Service Accelerator

"Inspired by the national call to make a year of full-time national service a cultural expectation, common opportunity, and civic rite of passage for every young American, Flint has committed to being a demonstration site for what that looks like at the local level. Local leaders outlined a commitment to have 200 AmeriCorps members in Flint, a ten-fold increase, by 2019. They surpassed that goal by 2018 with over 457 AmeriCorps members serving throughout the city. These members serve as the boots-on-the-ground to meet the community-identified vision outlined in the City of Flint Master Plan." 

To learn more about the Flint National Accelerator, click here.

Flint National Service Accelerator Video

Learn how the Flint National Service Accelerator started, grew, and is now a successful model for other communities looking to utilize national service to meet their local needs through this video. 

In 2016, the Flint Impact Community conducted a process and outcomes evaluation of the Flint National Accelerator. Want to understand the Accelerator's process, impact, and outcomes so you can replicate in your community? Take a look here at the results.


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