Service Year Alliance
Our Work

Service Year Alliance envisions a future where service years are an integral part of growing up in America. We envision a future where 1 million young people are serving every year - solving our nation’s most pressing challenges, while transforming their own lives.
To advance our mission and vision, we work with the field to expand and innovate national service.

Expansion of National Service

Service Year Alliance is working with state and federal policymakers to unlock new resources for national service and develop new service year positions modeled on equity, career connections, and climate impact.

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Innovation of National Service

Service Year Alliance is supporting innovations that enhance the service experience and lead to better career pathways. Through critical data collection and uplifting the voices of alums, Service Year Alliance works with the field to ensure that the impact of service years is clearly demonstrated as an experience that transforms lives, strengthens communities, and fuels civic renewal at scale.

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Service Year Alliance | Our Work
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