South Carolina

South Carolina is uniquely led by the United Way Association of South Carolina in coordination with the Governor-appointed South Carolina Commission on National and Community Service and focuses on improving health, education, and financial stability outcomes across the state. Given its broad purview, this Service Year Impact Community seeks to take a networked approach to creating a cultural expectation of national service by systematically broadening and diversifying the community of stakeholder groups across the state who share in the vision and see the double-bottom line impact of national service.

Lead organization:
United Way Association of South Carolina (UWASC)

Focus issues: 

  • Disaster Services
  • Economic Opportunity
  • Education
  • Environmental Stewardship
  • Healthy Futures
  • Veterans and Military Families

Current number of service years in impact community:

Current number of service year programs in community:

Growth goal: 

  • Increase service year programs in community
  • Increase the impact of national service in the state
  • Increase the number of Segal Education Award Matching Institutions in South Carolina
  • Increase the number of Employers of National Service in South Carolina
  • Increase the opportunity for individuals age 55+ and individuals from low income communities to participate in a service year

How service years have/will help community address local challenges:
“Service Years will promote the idea of creating a lifelong ethic of service that empowers communities to address locally defined challenges through the utilization of  highly skilled, trained, and prepared corps members. The skills obtained during their service year are easily transferable to employable skills that will allow members to continue to serve their communities wherever they are called to serve next.” - Carson Carroll, Director, SC Service Commission, United Way of South Carolina

How working with Service Year Alliance/being a member of the Impact Community Network has been helpful: “The Impact Community Network is an equal balance of pragmatists and idealists. The balance of big ideas and actionable steps that have worked in other places is reinvigorating. I always walk away further convinced that service is foundational to creating belonging in our communities.”

- Carson Carroll, Director SC Service Commission, United Way of South Carolina

South Carolina
South Carolina
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