Service Year Alliance builds coalitions and fosters strategic partnerships across sectors to help cultivate champions of service years and unlock funds to help them grow. 

Service Year Alliance works with individuals and organizations through a number of initiatives to inspire people familiar with and new to service years to get involved and take action — helping service years grow and making them better equipped to transform lives, strengthen communities, and fuel civic renewal.

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Do you want to use your platform to make national service part of growing up in America? Does the institution or organization you represent want to partner with Service Year Alliance to better understand how service years can transform lives, address unmet needs, and fuel civic renewal? Contact us at [email protected]

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Our Impact Communities are a network of diverse communities where trust and learning are fostered as values and best practices are developed and shared. Service Year Impact Communities make the case for universal national service by fostering relationships with champions and working to bring universal national service to life in their communities. 

Serve America Together, our campaign to make national service part of growing up in America, raises awareness and engages champions of universal national service to advocate for and build a future in which every young America has the opportunity to serve. 

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We are honored to partner with a growing coalition of organizations from military, national, and public service, as well as from the faith-based, education, health, environment, and other sectors on our Serve America Together campaign.

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Alumni Chapter Steering Committee is a council of alums who help establish and advise new and existing AmeriCorps and service year alumni chapters, organize professional development opportunities, and coordinate alumni advocacy efforts with the support and guidance of Service Year Alliance.

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Leadership Council is made up of influential Americans from a diversity of sectors and across the political spectrum who use their platforms to help make service years an expectation and opportunity for all young Americans.

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We partner with institutions and organizations on research and thought leadership that help make the case for national service.

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