Our New Strategic Direction

A New Era for National Service

Service Year Alliance envisions a future where national service is part of growing up in America. 

With the recent investments in AmeriCorps through the American Rescue Plan, Public Health AmeriCorps, and the potential Civilian Climate Corps, we are entering a new era for national service. Three years from now, national service will be measured by the success of these expansions and the story our movement is able to tell. Getting these expansions right is how we will pave a path toward our vision of one million people serving each year. 

In order for more people than ever before to serve, our field must prioritize equity, so that every young person has access to national service opportunities and those who serve develop the skills they need to succeed post-service.

While Service Year Alliance’s mission remains the same — to make a service year a common expectation and opportunity for all young Americans — our work must shift to meet this moment. Our new strategic plan aims to do just that. 

To get there, we must focus on expansion, recruitment, and impact. 

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The successful expansion of national service in a new era through the American Rescue Plan, Public Health AmeriCorps, and the potential Civilian Climate Corps

  • We will build support from the political champions, thought leaders, and external stakeholders necessary to make the recent expansions of national service successful in this new era.


The field is aligned around shared recruitment efforts and end-to-end corps member systems so programs have the right tools to bring the next generation into national service and the data to tell their stories.

  • We will work closely with AmeriCorps and our partners across the national service field to bring the next generation of youth into service, modernize their service year experience using ServiceYear.org and our data, tech, and recruitment expertise, and align the field around shared recruitment efforts and systems.


The impact of service years is clearly demonstrated as an experience that transforms lives, strengthens communities, and fuels civic renewal at scale.

  • We will continue to foster collaborative approaches to demonstrating the impact of service years by lifting up exemplary programs and communities that are at the forefront of unblocking the biggest barriers facing the sector and leading the country in scaling national service locally.
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A #serviceyear is a paid opportunity to develop real-world skills through hands-on service.
A New Era for National Service
Our New Strategic Direction
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