Service Year Alliance is committed to ensuring young people of all backgrounds have the opportunity to serve and we’ve identified three goals to make our vision a reality: scale, quality, and equity. 

Our strategy to advance equity across the service year field includes:

  • Organizational improvement: focusing on what we as an organization can do to better align with the best practices and standards related to equity by completing our own self-assessments and improvement plans.  
  • Narrative change: Through the promotion of diverse alums and storytelling, we’ll work to change the perception of who serves and leverage these narratives to target specific audiences for recruitment into service years.
  • Field practice: We will identify or adapt diversity, equity, and inclusion assessment and improvement tools for the service year field at large in order to create more inclusive environments for all.  
  • Data-informed policy: Assess the state of data around participation in service years, recommend improvements and expanded studies, and develop data informed policy strategies.
Our Vision