Finishing Your Campaign

Congratulations! Your campaign period is over, and you’re almost done the crowdfunding process. This section will help you navigate the final steps of wrapping up your campaign: looking at your results, sending out your final emails, and providing with feedback from your crowdfunding experience. Continuing to keep supporters updated on the successes of your campaign and the impact it has on your organization will help with donor retention. Donors like to see how their money benefited your organization before they are prompted to donate again.

Analyzing results

For campaigns that reached their goal:

  • What was the hardest part of running this campaign?
  • What specifically do you think made your campaign a success?
  • What would you recommend to someone who is about to crowdfund?  

For campaigns that failed to reach their goal:

  • Was the project’s goal/story/mission clear?
  • Did I start my outreach early enough?
  • Did I utilize all of the tools that I had available to me to the fullest potential?
  • Did I target the correct audience?
  • Should I try another crowdfunding campaign for this same project?
Thanking donors

Thank early and thank often! Sending out your final thank yous is an important step in retaining donors and turning one time donors into recurring donors. Click here for sample thank you messages.

Reflecting upon your experience

Being a Crowdfunding Pilot Partner means you are willing to provide feedback about your experience. This will help fine tune our resources and support to assist future organizations in building stronger campaigns. Service Year will send you a feedback form to collect all of your final thoughts, but you are always encouraged to reach out if you have any problems or concerns.

Thank you for participating in the Crowdfunding Pilot! We hope that through this experience your team was able to collaborate, help build your network, and create a project that bettered your organization as a whole. We hope this handbook helped you navigate your way through the process of setting up and running a crowdfunding campaign of your own. In order to help us better help other service year host organizations in the future, we would love to hear all about your experience.

Download our Crowdfunding Checklist to go over all the steps in running a successful campaign!
Finishing Your Campaign
Finishing Your Campaign
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