Owner: Elizabeth Robinson

Age: 6 months

Favorite thing to eat? Fiona likes to suck on socks-making everyone uncomfortable

Tell us about their personality: Fiona thinks she is permanently stuck in the matrix and is never sure what is going on and how she ended up here. The only person she trusts is her trust demon friend, Meeko.

Best Trick: Once again, Fiona never has any idea what is happening around her. She's too busy trying to figure out who's in control to learn new tricks.

Funniest thing they have ever done? Fiona likes to sit in the middle of the couch cushions like a human would and slowly melts you can tell in her photo.

Advice to another pet coming in your home? Please check with my lover and friend Meeko.


Fiona | Owner: Elizabeth Robinson
Fiona | Owner: Elizabeth Robinson
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