Youth in the foster care system are at a disadvantage as compared to their peers. Their difficult, and often traumatizing, circumstances may result in unfortunate outcomes later in life such as court involvement, homelessness, or even death.

Additionally, their disconnection from a stable and healthy support network can stunt their development and curtail their ability to succeed and thrive as adults. This is particularly true for Transition Age Youth, who are aging out of the system, and may not have the necessary tools and resources to set them up for success as functioning and thriving adults.

To ensure that no child is left behind and that all American youth are given a pathway to success, Service Year Alliance is working to position service years as a powerful tool that can advance educational and workforce outcomes for foster youth.

Corps members gain tangible skills and work experience, increase their confidence and agency, and begin to feel a sense of belonging and purpose. This transformative experience can change the trajectory of their life, have long lasting benefits to the communities they serve and strengthen our country.

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Foster Youth
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