Guide to Social Media

When it comes to promoting your service year listings, social media is one of the most effective and direct ways to reach your target demographic and drive them to your listings on

Service Year Alliance actively uses Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to promote the service year experience. We encourage you to follow us on social media and share our posts however you see fit. Don’t forget to use our hashtag: #serviceyear!


Instagram: @serviceyear

Twitter: @ServiceYear


How to share your listing on social media

Did you know you can share your listing to social media directly from On the top right corner of every listing is a small “Share” button that allows you to post directly to Facebook and Twitter, as well as copy a link to your listing to share via email, etc. 



Service Year Social Media Toolkit

Promoting your service year opportunities on social media is easy. Here our some best practices and some sample posts for you to use on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Social Media Best Practices

  • Link back from your posts to your listing or organization page on

    • We recommend promoting your listings — not your organization — as this allows users to more easily say if they are interested and see what you are actively recruiting for.

Example on Facebook:


Example on Twitter:

  • Always add a photo (Posting images on Twitter, for example, can increase your engagement by 200%!)

    • When sharing on Facebook and Twitter, make sure your posts include a photo! When sharing your listing to Facebook, the photo should be pulled automatically. If it isn’t, make sure to upload a photo along with the link to your listing. Twitter recently changed their character limits so that photos do not count as additional characters — now there is no excuse for every single post not to include a photo. 

  • Tag @ServiceYear and use the hashtag #serviceyear

    • Making sure to tag @ServiceYear and use the #serviceyear hashtag allows Service Year Alliance to repost your material quickly and easily, amplifying your reach

    • On Instagram, don’t forget to add the link to your listing in your bio and 5-7 relevant hashtags to increase your reach and add relevance to your post. We recommend you add your hashtags in the first comment after your caption:


  • Utilize Service Year Alliance’s media kit to download great photos and logos to use on social media.

  • Take advantage of trending topics

    • Pay attention to what is trending on Facebook and Twitter. Is it National Parks Day? Post a picture about your service year corps member serving outside. Is the Olympics happening? Talk about how your service year corps members are “winning gold” by doing a service year. Playing off timely topics will increase engagement and make sure your posts are relevant.

Example from National Have Fun At Work Day:

  • Keep application deadlines in mind and promote service year opportunities that are closing soon. A post that requires action in a certain timeframe will encourage engagement.


  • Participate in ongoing social media campaigns using hashtags and taglines when appropriate.

For example, you can participate in Service Year Alliance’s “For One Year: My Office” campaign by posting photos of your office. (Click below for a guide to participating in this campaign!)




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Guide to Social Media
Guide to Social Media
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