Learning Cohorts

Service Year Alliance is bringing together leaders from states, communities, and service year programs that are leveraging service years to respond to new and exacerbated community needs emerging as a result of COVID-19. Currently, we are leading the following rapid response learning cohorts: 

Contact Tracing 

With generous support from Cisco, Service Year Alliance has convened a learning cohort that includes representatives from state service commissions, communities, and service year programs that are leading efforts to utilize service year corps members as contact tracers to support public health needs in response to COVID-19. The primary goals of this cohort are to lift up local learnings, collectively work through challenges and barriers, identify any areas where additional funding could be helpful, and to work to document the different models that are coming together to have service year corps members support contact tracing and related public health needs.


High School Transitions Learning Cohort

With support of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Service Year Alliance launched a High School Transitions Learning Cohort with 10 service year programs focused on increasing the number and quality of service year positions that offer recent high school graduates a strong postsecondary transition pathway.  The primary goals of the cohort are to:

  1. Develop a quality definition for engaging recent high school graduates with particular focus on individuals from economically disadvantaged and racially diverse backgrounds in service year programs
  2. Utilize this definition to inform the cohort of service year programs to develop and implement programmatic elements and strategies to better support high school graduates; 
  3. Increase engagement of recent high school graduates into services by driving awareness and increasing the number of opportunities for high school graduates to serve and;  
  4. Disseminate best practices and key findings to promote engagement of high school graduates in the service year field.  

We are pleased to partner with these organizations. 

  • American Youthworks, Austin, TX
  • Cherry Health, Grand Rapids, MI
  • City Year, national 
  • CivicWorks, Baltimore, MD
  • Grid Alternatives, national
  • Improve Your Tomorrow, Stockton, CA
  • Literacy Lab, national
  • Partners for Education at Berea College , Berea, KY 
  • Public Allies, national
  • Serve Philadelphia VISTA Program, Philadelphia, PA
Rapid Response Learning Cohort
Learning Cohorts
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