North Carolina

Service Year North Carolina, the North Carolina Impact Community, is working to promote and make service years accessible for all North Carolinians. Led by the Institute for Emerging Issues, a nonpartisan, state-wide organization housed at NC State University, Service Year NC aspires to double the number of service year corps members, increase learning and development, and build connections between current service year organizations. Service Year NC seeks to provide more on-ramps to service for all young people, particularly those who have traditionally been under-represented in service such as opportunity youth, youth from low-wealth communities, and young people of color. 


Lead organization:
NC State University Institute for Emerging Issues, Service Year NC


Focus issues: 

  • Economic opportunity and workforce development in rural and urban areas
  • Community engagement with an equity lens


Current number of service years in impact community:  
1,637, including part-time and full-time corps members


Current number of service year programs in community:  


Growth goal:
2800 by 2025


How service years have/will help community address local challenges:
“Growing the number of service year positions in our state will be catalytic. It will provide North Carolina communities with new capacity and energy, recruit service year members for priority projects, prepare leaders, engage residents, solve problems, and unite people across the state.”

- Leslie Boney, Director, Institute for Emerging Issues, NC State University


How working with Service Year Alliance/being a member of the Impact Community Network has been helpful:
“Service Year Alliance provides us with the technical expertise, guidance, and national-lens that supports our efforts in North Carolina. Additionally, the Impact Community network has given us peer-learning opportunities which strengthen our work — moving ideas from theory to practice.”

- Darryl Lester, Director, Service Year NC, Institute for Emerging Issues, NC State University


North Carolina
North Carolina
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