Saving National Service - Support from Across the Country

On Friday, February 17th, the New York Times reported that the Corporation for National and Community Service (CNCS) — including AmeriCorps — is on a “hit list” of federal programs the new administration could propose to eliminate. 

Since that report, support has flooded in from across the country from major media outlets, local papers, editorial boards, and blogs.

They agree that national service is too powerful of an idea to be eliminated. There is no other solution capable of uniting the country, solving local problems, and empowering a generation of leaders. Read about what they had to say by clicking on the links below.

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Trump’s proposed AmeriCorps cuts would trim .03 percent of the federal budget — but slash support at 11,000 schools - by Cassi Feldman, Chalkbeat NY

Please don't kill AmeriCorps - by Jimmy Tobias, Pacific Standard

LETTER: AmeriCorps Cut Won't Help Budget, letter from Robin in the Wisconsin-State Journal

Popular Domestic Programs Face Ax Under First Trump Budget - by Sharon LaFraniere and Alan Rappeport, the New York Times

AmeriCorps program helps us all - by Dr. Heather Biola, The Inter Mountain

AmeriCorps under fire, The Bridge urges support - by Dana Larsen, Editor of the Pilot Tribune

Iowa refugee program advocates ask lawmakers to maintain funding - by Makayla Tendall, The Gazette

Trump May Kill Off AmeriCorps, a Bill Clinton Creation - by Tom Knighton, PJ Media

AmeriCorps joins list of potential budget cuts under Trump administration - by Jarrett Carter, Education Drive

Possible AmeriCorps elimination would affect several Billings-area agencies - Mike Ferguson, Billings Gazette

Denver schools brace for Trump’s proposed AmeriCorps cut - Eric Gorski, Chalkbeat CO

If GOP eliminates AmeriCorps, 11K schools will lose support - by Tara García Mathewson, Education Drive

AmeriCorps Joins NEH and NEA Among Programs Trump May Cut - by Heidi Landecker, Chronicle of Higher Education

Donald Trump's budget would cut public broadcasting, drug programs, arts endowments - by Tom McKay, Mic

Facing cuts under Trump administration, arts community prepares to fight funding battle - Michael A. Fuoco, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

PBS, NEA, AmeriCorps on the chopping block in Trump’s first budget - by John Sexton, Hot Air

The Republican Case for Saving Americorps - by Stephen Goldsmith, the Daily Beast

AmeriCorps is important. Thanks for helping to save it, you sexy unicorn, you - Nonprofit With Balls

National Service’s Fight for the Future - by Suzanne Perry, Chronicle of Philanthrophy

LETTER: Audrey Lucier: Don't kill AmeriCorps program - letter from Audrey Lucier in the LaCrosse Tribune

Blumenthal Urges Town Hall Crowd To 'Keep Up The Passion' - by Kathleen McWilliams, the Hartford Courant

Trump’s preliminary budget makes devastating cuts to most of the government -by Bryce Covert, ThinkProgress

Agencies in Oklahoma worry about fate of AmeriCorps - by Silas Allen, the Oklahoman

On AmeriCorps - blog by Ryan Johnson

It's time our country embrace a National Service Corps for our young people - by Jack Lessenberry, Michigan Radio

Duckworth Talks Higher Education Funding - by Emily Boyer, Tri State Public Radio

Possible federal budget cuts concern local non-profits - by Maya Thompson,

The Democrats' strategy can be summed up in one word: anger - by Dustin McKissen, CNBC

AmeriCorps VISTA Beckley Office Hangs in the Balance of Presidential Budget - by Joe Putrelo, 59 News

AmeriCorps on the Chopping Block - by Caitlin Emma, Politico

Republicans should embrace AmeriCorps, not kill it - by Jon Lambeth and Ray McNally

Teacher Programs Face Loss of Funding With Trump's Proposed AmeriCorps Cut - by Madeline Will, Education Week

Evidence-Based Programs Risk Losing Funding Under Trump - by J.B. Wogan, Governing

SUBSCRIPTION: AmeriCorps helps during crunch time - by Ryan D. Wilson, Clay Center Dispatch

How President Trump's Federal Budget Would Hinder Poor Students - by Eric Gorski and Cassi Feldman, Atlantic 


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Saving National Service - Support from Across the Country
Saving National Service - Support from Across the Country
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