Jesse Colvin joins Service Year Alliance as new CEO


Jesse Colvin joins Service Year Alliance as new CEO

A veteran and former congressional candidate, Colvin brings a dedication to service and a strategic mindset to the service year movement. 

WASHINGTON, DC (September 3, 2019) – Today, Jesse Colvin officially joins Service Year Alliance as the organization’s next CEO. An Army Ranger, intelligence officer, business leader, and former congressional candidate, Colvin brings both military and public service experience to the role at a deciding moment for national service. 

“My military service, especially in Afghanistan, taught me what was possible when Americans from different walks of life join together to tackle shared problems. My service also left me with an unexpected sense of ownership over the future of our country,“ said Jesse Colvin, incoming CEO of Service Year Alliance

Colvin: “As a candidate on the campaign trail in 2018, I regularly caught glimpses of deep divisions that are tearing our country apart. Those divisions painted a picture of a dystopian future unless we invest in solutions that unite us rather than divide us. I believe that national service not only allows us to address some of our biggest shared challenges in local communities, but also represents one of the last, best hopes to inoculate our country against these divisions in the future. I aspire to cultivate the next generation of leaders of the service year movement, and I am eager to lead Service Year Alliance into its next chapter, while working tirelessly to make a year of service a common expectation and opportunity for all young Americans.”

Colvin joins Service Year Alliance on the heels of its launch of Serve America Together — a campaign to make national service part of growing up in America. Colvin’s hiring adds increased momentum to the campaign at a time when 2020 presidential candidates, bipartisan members of Congress, and local leaders across the country are calling for the expansion of national service to address college affordability, climate change, and the growing divisions in our country.

“At a time when American democracy is coming apart at the seams, national service can be the force we need to heal — and Jesse is the leader we need to bring that vision to life,” said Gen. (Ret.) Stan McChrystal, Chairperson of Service Year Alliance. “A former Army Ranger, Jesse brings unmatched leadership, a dedication to public service, and commitment to country to the role. I am confident his strategic and analytical approach to problem solving will propel the service year movement forward in an effort to unite the country around the shared American value of service.”

"Jesse's career is a testament to his own personal commitment to national service," said Alan Khazei, Vice Chairman of Service Year Alliance. "He brings a rare and important combination of ambition and humility to Service Year Alliance at a pivotal moment for the national service movement and our country. I look forward to working closely with Jesse as he takes up this new post." 

“Jesse Colvin has a strong record of service to our country and will now lead Service Year Alliance to enable millions more from his generation to serve neighbor and nation,” said John Bridgeland, Vice Chairman of Service Year Alliance. “Jesse brings passion, intelligence, and experience to this important post at a critical time for our country.”

Colvin succeeds Shirley Sagawa who led Service Year Alliance as CEO since the organization’s founding in 2016. 

Read Jesse’s full bio here.

For more information about Jesse Colvin or to speak with him about his new role at Service Year Alliance, please contact Aly Ferguson at [email protected].

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Jesse Colvin (@Jesse4Service) joins Service Year Alliance as new CEO
Jesse Colvin joins Service Year Alliance as new CEO
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