Boosting Recruitment for the Service Year Experience

So you’ve updated your messaging and you’re posting like a pro on social media — now what? The best part of the service year community is that there are hundreds of programs across the country all trying to recruit more young people to do a service year, make an impact in local communities, and become more active citizens.

At Service Year Alliance, we are dedicated to building bridges between all of the diverse service year programs who host opportunities on and ensure that we are making connections and supporting one another as best we can.

Here’s how you can help:

1. Promote Alternative Opportunities to Rejected Applicants

We know that not every person who applies for a service year with your program is the best fit, and we are constantly trying to ensure that our corps member candidates are high-quality and meet your needs. That said, someone who is not right for your program, may be just what a program of a different size in a different community is looking for.

Support the service year community by committing to send the following email to all service year applicants who are not accepted: 


2. Encourage your graduating service year corps member and service year alums to spread the word about

One of the biggest barriers to young people doing a service year is lack of awareness. Through our research, we learned that 76% of youth (14-17), 62% of millennials (18-24), and 72% of parents of youth and millennials do not know that service year opportunities exist.

We’re hoping the hundreds of programs on will commit to encouraging their service year corps member and alums to recommend to their friends, family, and peers.

Use the following email template to encourage your network to spread the word about


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Boosting Recruitment for the Service Year Experience
Boosting Recruitment for the Service Year Experience
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