Social Media Community Management

When someone comments on your Facebook post or quote tweets one of your tweets on Twitter, liking their post or commenting on it is a great way to boost your social media engagement and foster a brand voice that is approachable and relatable.

Community management acts as the first hands-on touch point for users, and can set the tone for future interactions. Your organization should tailor responses and react in the right tone, timeframe and intensity to each post.

Here’s a quick guide on different types of comments and how to engage with them:


Good things example

Toeing the line/tough question example


Community Management Tips and Tricks

Community Management Best Practices

  • Set specific times to Community Manage. Let your fans know your hours in the About Us portion of your profiles.

  • Don’t engage trolls. It’s never worth it.

  • Know your emergency squad. If something goes wrong, make sure your platform team knows who to go to, and has their contact information for off hours.  

  • Take it off the feed. For more complex customer service requests, take the discussion into direct messaging.  

  • Hide vs Delete. Hiding a comment on Facebook allows it to be seen by the poster, but not the public. Makes moderating less contentious.

Have questions or need help with a specific post? Don’t hesitate to reach out to Service Year Alliance’s social media and community management team at [email protected].


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Social Media Community Management
Social Media Community Management
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