Recommendations for State Commissions is great resource for your programs to find future service year corps members. Your network page also lets you highlight the work of your commission, and feature all of your programs together in one spot. This can help you coordinate statewide recruitment efforts.

Below are some resources to help your programs get set up on, and to help you best leverage your network page in support of recruitment.

Help your programs get set up using the resources below


1) Ask your programs to join and recruit on



2) Share the Recruitment one-pager with your programs

Download Recruitment One-Pager


3) Encourage your programs to use for recruitment


4) Encourage your programs to reach out to the team with questions about how to best utilize recruitment features

Leverage your network page:

  • Review and update your content:

    • Check that all of your content and your program list is accurate and up to date. If any of your programs are not featured, encourage them to finish joining so they can be added to your page.

    • Check that you have appropriate photos and/or videos for your content sections. Whenever possible, featuring content from your programs is best.

    • Reach out to the team if you need to make updates, or if you have questions about how to improve your page’s content.

  • Share your network page:

    • Highlight your commission’s work and your state’s programs to a variety of audiences. You can use the “Share” button on your public page to share via Facebook and Twitter, or to copy the link to share elsewhere.

    • Here are some suggested social media posts to get started:



Spend a year in building homes, teaching kids to read, or taking care of our national parks right here in [STATE]. There are hundreds of life-changing service year opportunities available in the [STATE NICKNAME]. Start searching for your paid service year opportunity today: [LINK TO NETWORK PAGE]


Get paid & gain real-world skills? There are 100s of #serviceyear opportunities right here in [STATE]. Start searching today: [LINK TO NETWORK PAGE]


Still looking to create a network page? Send an email to [email protected].


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Recommendations for State Commissions
Recommendations for State Commissions
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