Service Year Alliance has developed three roadmaps — or options for curriculum adoption — to guide you through the use of this curriculum and provide tips for implementation. 

Download the Full Curriculum Roadmap

Download the Belonging Culture Curriculum Roadmap

Download the Asset-Based & Intentional Skills Attainment Roadmap

Each roadmap is organized into four main sections associated with a typical service year structure. Each section includes guided steps to ensure successful implementation. You will be prompted to conduct a training session, host a check-in, administer an assessment, or suggest a journaling exercise. Once you have selected the roadmap that best meets your program’s needs, you can access all documents directly from the downloadable PDF.

Not sure which roadmap to choose?

While the ideal implementation is to integrate the full curriculum, it isn’t required and there are multiple options for beginning to embed these components into your corps member training. Similar to the broader journey your program can explore utilizing the quality definition continuum (as introduced in the background section and fully described in the High School Transitions Toolkit), this curriculum is not all or nothing. You may choose to incorporate the entire curriculum, you may want to utilize our quality definition continuum to assess gaps to determine which content will be most impactful for your corps members, or you may already clearly understand content areas you are looking to expand upon for your corps members. There is no wrong way to get started and we’ve outlined various implementation options so that you can make decisions about which components can effectively integrate into your programming. If you’re unsure where to start, you can always begin with one component and easily build upon your existing curriculum each year. 

Want to learn more?

You can also access all session guides, training sessions, assessments, glossaries, and resources associated with the curriculum using these links below. We recommend using a roadmap to implement the curriculum, but if you’re looking to access something specific or looking to learn more, these links provide direct access to the pieces of the curriculum. 

Explore the Belonging Culture Curriculum

Explore the Assed-Based Framework Curriculum

Explore the Skills Attainment Curriculum




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