Mapping and understanding the intentional skills attainment your service year program offers will ensure your corps members can identify, understand, and articulate newly acquired skills, as well as understand where they can practice, hone, or continue to develop new skills that will ensure life-long success post-service.

Roadmaps to Incorporate the Skills Attainment Curriculum:

  • Full Curriculum Roadmap
    • Integrating the full curriculum provides the best opportunity for your program to provide the highest quality experience possible for individuals after high school. This roadmap guides you through a process to integrate all three curriculum components and associated content.
  • Asset-Based & Intentional Skills Attainment Roadmap
    • We recommend integrating the asset-based framework and skills attainment curriculum content together, if your calendar allows for it. You will be able to take a holistic approach to increasing skill development and competencies among corps members by leveraging their existing assets, strengths, and abilities when identifying newly acquired skills during service. This roadmap guides you through a process to integrate both the asset-based framework and skills attainment content by starting with the asset-based growth assessment and skills inventory during orientation, then building upon these tools through training sessions, check-ins, and journaling throughout the year.

We recommend using a roadmap to implement the curriculum, but if you’re looking to access something specific or looking to learn more, the links below will provide direct access to the pieces of the curriculum.

Glossary & Inventory:

Session Guides, Training Sessions & Resources:

S1: Introduction to Employability Skills (for Program Staff)
S2: Creating Rubrics (for Program Staff)
S3: Employability Skills Inventory
S4: Work Ethic and Work Etiquette
S5: Communication and Organization & Attention to Detail
S6: Teamwork, Collaboration, and Customer Service Minded
S7: Information & Technology Literacy and Innovative Thinking & Problem Solving (Optional Session)
Skills Attainment Curriculum
Skills Attainment Curriculum
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