Belonging cultures help reduce and break down challenges and barriers that may prevent corps members from bringing their full selves to their service with the commitment, excitement, and innovation needed to be successful in their service intervention and achieve their personal and professional goals. 

Roadmaps to Incorporate the Belonging Culture Curriculum: 

  • Full Curriculum Roadmap
    • Integrating the full curriculum provides the best opportunity for your program to provide the highest quality experience possible for individuals after high school. This roadmap guides you through a process to integrate all three curriculum components and associated content.
  • Belonging Culture Curriculum Roadmap
    • This roadmap guides you through a process to integrate only the belonging culture component of the curriculum. Front-loading the belonging component of the curriculum during orientation is the ideal approach for delivering this content to your corps members. With this roadmap, you will facilitate all six belonging training sessions during your orientation period and build upon them with your corps members during the year through check-ins and journaling.

We recommend using a roadmap to implement the curriculum, but if you’re looking to access something specific or looking to learn more, the links below will provide direct access to the pieces of the curriculum. 

Glossary & Assessment:

Session Guides, Training Sessions & Resources:

B1: Values, Identities, and Community Agreements:
B2: Creating Safe Space - The Brain Science of Belonging
B3: The Practice of Centering Voice
B4: Becoming Culturally Responsive
B5: Anti-Racist Restorative Practice
B6: Creating Gender Inclusive Environments
Belonging Culture Curriculum
Belonging Culture Curriculum
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