Owner: Laura Pelner

Age: 6

Favorite thing to eat? Jumbones

Tell us about their personality: Her nickname is 'The Hall Monitor" because she tries to control any fun-having by humans by barking at us if we get a little too rowdy.

Best trick: She can high-five!

Funniest thing they have ever done? On a walk, she was off leash and was wondering around taking in all the smells. I saw her stop at something that looked pretty muddy and stinky and before I could call to her she rolled on to her back and happily rolled around in the most vile smelling thing I have ever smelled. She casually trotted back over to me quite pleased with herself. She wasn't so happy that she got several baths afterward.

Advice to another pet coming in your home: Don't. She is a spoiled only child doggo.


Bamboo |Owner: Laura Pelner
Bamboo |Owner: Laura Pelner
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