Let National Service Soar

The #EaglesinDC took to Capitol Hill in Washington, DC with the biggest campaign to expand national service that the world has ever seen. Check out our coverage on VICE News, NowThis, and Roll Call!

Just as the bald eagle overcame extinction in the 1970s and is now thriving, we’re fighting to overcome the extinction of national service in the President’s 2019 budget and expand it. It’s time to let national service soar.

Take Action to Expand National Service!


Take Action!

Why Expand National Service?


President Trump’s 2019 budget proposes the elimination of AmeriCorps, the largest national service program — which would prevent 75,000 young Americans from making an impact in our communities every year. Two other major national service programs, the Peace Corps and YouthBuild, are facing proposed cuts as well.

National service represents the best America has to offer — a commitment to our citizens and our country. It gives us the strength we need to overcome pressing issues like natural disasters, the opioid epidemic, workforce development, and education inequity.

Why eagles?

Did you know that American bald eagles were in danger of extinction in the 1970s — just like national service programs like AmeriCorps, the Peace Corps, and YouthBuild are in danger of extinction in the White House’s 2019 budget proposal?

Service year supporters, advocates, and alums are taking page out of the eagles’ playbook, fighting to overcome national service extinction on the streets of Washington, DC and beyond.


Take Action to Expand National Service



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Let National Service Soar
Let National Service Soar
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