Service years are an effective workforce development tool that develop talent pipelines for the next generation into in-demand sectors. 

Strategically investing in the professional development of young people who are well-suited for the economy by arming them with the technical and employability skills they need to succeed is essential to the nation’s future, and service years are a powerful tool to accomplish this goal. 

Service years play an important role in the country’s workforce development ecosystem, offering training and career on-ramps in high need industries for emerging and transitioning professionals. By committing to a year of service, corps members gain substantial exposure to an area of work or career path before committing to it, build the technical skills necessary to complete the job, receive wraparound supports, and establish the employability skills that develop future leaders and make them valuable employees. 

Particularly given significant hiring needs in public service, health, education, climate resilience, and clean energy, service years are well-suited to serve as an entry point for young people into these professions. Additionally, research shows that those who participate in service year programs without a bachelor’s degree are over twice as likely to go on to earn their degree compared to their peers. Service year alums also begin their careers in higher-paying roles than their peers in a variety of career areas. 

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