Owner: Stephanie Armstrong

Age: 10

Favorite thing to eat? Anything and everything, including inedible things like garbage bags, books, and food wrappers

Tell us about their personality: Lovie loves everyone! She enjoys walks where she can meet strangers, and make them her best friend.

Best trick: She can balance a treat on her nose, toss it in the air and then catch it!

Funniest thing they have ever done? She's oddly attracted to people that don't like dogs, and can zero out people on the street or in groups and aggressively will try to win them over, she can sense that they need the right dog to love. She also hops over metal grates in the city instead of walking over them, I think she fears falling through.

Advice to another pet coming in your home: I get all of the attention, so don't try to make Stephanie like you more than me - if you're a dog. If you're any other animal, she'd tell them to find her whenever it's nap time for cuddles.


Lovie | Owner: Stephanie Armstrong
Lovie | Owner: Stephanie Armstrong
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