Owner: Jennifer Moss

Age: 11

Favorite thing to eat? Everything he can. Specifically: carrots, bananas, trash on the street

Tell us about their personality: Lazy but spunky. He will sleep 97% of the day, but he also can't resist chasing a tennis ball or chewing a squeaky toy. He lets you know how he feels via different types of sneezes (e.g. he has one sneeze that means "I'm excited!" and another that says "F@%* you!"). Sometimes when he sneezes he is literally propelled a few inches off the ground.

Best trick: Purposefully hiding his tennis balls under furniture and staring at you until you get up to get it. Repeat 100 times an hour.

Funniest thing they have ever done? He has zero respect for personal space, especially when you're in what he perceives as his spot on a sofa/bed/chair, and has been known to make grown men (and women) contort themselves into highly uncomfortable positions to appease his sense of spot entitlement

Advice to another pet coming in your home: Enter at your own risk.


Panda | Owner: Jennifer Moss
Panda | Owner: Jennifer Moss
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