Education + Service Years
A service year can be a strategy to address pressing challenges facing your students.

Service year programming can help you address these outcomes:

  • Enhancing Early Childhood and Kindergarten Readiness
  • Improving Socio-learning and Emotional Outcomes
  • Boosting Academic Achievement such as Math and Literacy Proficiency
  • Reducing Chronic Absenteeism
  • Achieving On-Track Indicators
  • Improving High School Graduation Rates
  • Facilitating College and/or Career Access and Persistence
  • Reconnecting to Education and Career Pathways
  • Addressing Teacher Shortages and/or Teacher Diversification Goals
  • Improving Access to High Quality Afterschool Programming

A service year is a paid, full-time opportunity for a young American to develop real-world skills through hands-on service.


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Why Education and Service Years Go Hand-in-Hand


Currently, more than 44,000 national service corps members provide in-school and afterschool support, serving in almost 12,000 schools, including one out of every four low-performing schools and one out of every ten charter schools. (Source: National Service Strengthens Education,” Corporation for National and Community Service). An under-recognized source of energetic, committed human capital support for youth, service year corps members help communities implement locally determined, cost-effective, evidence-based solutions to improve student outcomes. If this resource were more widely available to low-income communities, we could dramatically reduce educational disparities that leave too many students without the educational foundation they need for success in life. Service year programs provide school leaders with an additional resource and solution in meeting the significant challenges they now face. When you ask yourself, “What is your district’s most urgent challenge when it comes to students?” we hope that you come to see service years as part of that solution.

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How Schools & Organizations Can Embrace a Service Year Program  

There are various ways schools and organizations can incorporate service year programs into your programming to increase outcomes and address challenges facing your students:

Replicate. Design your own service year program by replicating an existing program model as inspiration;

Host. Become a host site for a local, state, or national program model that is already within your geographic region which would bring the program model to your school or organization;

Expand. Become an expansion site for a national program that is currently not in your geographic region which would bring the program model to your school or organization;

Inform. Inform all the young people in your school and life about the opportunity to do a service year to build the next generation of service leadership. Have them create a profile on and search for their service opportunity.

Resources for In-School & Out-of-School Settings

These resources help you more readily bring a service year model to your school or organization. Service Year Alliance worked with education and afterschool programs and networks to identify a host of tips, tools, activities, and resources based on their first-hand experience in utilizing service year positions to address their pressing challenges. 







 If you are saying to yourself:


✓  yes I want to increase education outcomes for my students;
✓  yes I want to address challenges facing my students;
✓  yes I want more information on service year programs.


We can help you:


identify the right model for your in-school or out-of-school setting;
provide low-cost consulting to help you bring a service year program to your school or organization.


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Education + Service Year |A service year can be a strategy to address pressing challenges facing your students.
Education + Service Years |A service year can be a strategy to address pressing challenges facing your students.
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