San Jose, California

Led by a Mayor who is among the most vocal champions for national service and civic engagement, the San Jose Impact Community works to improve the service year infrastructure locally so that more San Joseans can serve and so that service year programs in San Jose achieve their programmatic outcomes. As the “City of Innovation,” San Jose has been working to identify local policy areas that can support the creation of service year opportunities or address systemic challenges like the high cost of housing that pose a barrier to service years as a cultural expectation in the city.

Lead organization:
City of San Jose, Office of the Mayor

Focus issues: 

  • Education,
  • Environment
  • Youth Employment
  • Poverty Alleviation
  • Civic Innovation

How service years have/will help your community address local challenges:
"Service years can be a powerful pathway for youth to gain skills, improve their community, and advance their careers. Imagine how we could transform San Jose with a renewed culture of service – one in which we all embrace our role as stewards for our neighborhoods… our youth… our earth…” – Mayor Sam Liccardo

How working with Service Year Alliance/being a member of the Impact Community Network has been helpful:
"The Impact Community Network has been a tremendous resource for us. It provides an opportunity to learn about best practices from across the nation, collaboratively problem solve challenges, and get feedback on potential new approaches we are pursuing.” — Nicholas Almeida, Chief Service Officer


San Jose, California
San Jose, California
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