Owner: Leah Dillard

Age: 11

Favorite thing to eat? Our cat's food (when he isn't eating grass)

Tell us about their personality: Sandy's the most social and photogenic member of the family. He's basically human...he crosses his legs, laughs (the dog version...a weird wheezing sound), and belches nonstop. He's a German shepherd mix, so he has to "protect" us at all times, but wants to meet/hug/kiss everyone he sees so he's a horrible guard dog. He's the cuddliest wannabe-lapdog I've ever met.

Best trick: Jumps the fence when we aren't home so he can book it through the neighborhood and pee on everyone's shrubs

Funniest thing they have ever done? Every time he sneezes (I caught it on Snapchat once and put it on thing ever)

Advice to another pet coming in your home: You can chill with the cat (King Tut...I hate him) but don't touch my people


Sandy | Owner: Leah Dillard
Sandy | Owner: Leah Dillard
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