Take Action to Save AmeriCorps

On Thursday, March 16 the White House released its "skinny budget" which proposes elimination of the Corporation for National and Community Service (CNCS) — including AmeriCorps. AmeriCorps represents the largest federal investment in full-time paid service year programs, providing full- or partial-funding for about 50,000 positions and higher education benefits for those who serve.

There is nothing more American than national service. Right now, 80,000 young people are working together to provide critical services to communities in need across the country. This willingness of our citizens to come together — to engage deeply in our communities — and create real change is what makes us special. This triple bottom line: uniting Americans of all backgrounds, offering a transformative opportunity to those who serve, and bringing unprecedented skills and willpower to solve local problems, is what makes national service so powerfully unique — and essential. Today, this is all at risk of being eliminated.

We need your voice! Contact your member of Congress right now and tell them to reject the elimination of national service programs. 

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Take Action to Save AmeriCorps
Take Action to Save AmeriCorps
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