The Hill: National Service Can Unite Us


We envision a future where everyone has the opportunity as they enter adulthood to serve in a civilian or military capacity, a future in which national service brings together young people of different backgrounds and where that service is rewarded with increased opportunity. This future engages communities to ensure local priorities are honored and private resources are usefully leveraged. It builds on existing efforts at the federal, state, and local levels so that no resource goes untapped.
To achieve this future, we must first call on Congress to dramatically increase the number of national service opportunities from 66,000 per year to 200,000 to match the number of people who enter the United States armed services each year, on a path toward one million service opportunities a year by the 250th anniversary of the Declaration of Independence in 2026. Serve America Together is leading this charge and continues to press the presidential candidates to release their plans to expand national service during their potential first 100 days in office.
Service Year Alliance
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Service Year Alliance is a nonprofit dedicated to making a year of paid, full-time service — service year — a common expectation and opportunity for all young Americans.
The Hill: National Service Can Unite Us
The Hill: National Service Can Unite Us
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