Why are there dinosaurs in DC?

So you’re wondering what’s up with all of the dinosaurs you keep seeing around DC today? They were at your metro stop and you saw a video of them outside the Capitol, but you have no idea why? Here’s what’s going on...

A record number of dinosaurs and national service advocates are taking action across Washington, DC today to stop national service extinction.

President Trump’s 2018 budget eliminates national service programs like AmeriCorps entirely and outlines the biggest cut to the Peace Corps by a president in 40 years.

If his budget becomes reality, then the 80,000 young people who serve every year won’t be teaching in our underperforming schools, supporting our veterans, responding to natural disasters, maintaining our national parks, or tackling issues like the opioid epidemic and unemployment.

In other words — if President Trump’s budget becomes reality, national service will end up like the dinosaurs.

That’s why there are dinosaurs all over the DC today. We’re here to tell Congress: Stop National Service Extinction — #LetUsServe and expand national service instead! Learn more at LetUsServe.org.




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Why are there dinosaurs in DC?
Why are there dinosaurs in DC?
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