Why are there eagles in DC?

Did you see a giant inflatable eagle on your morning commute? Or maybe you heard about the hundreds of eagles that rallied at the Capitol over lunch? Wondering why there are hundreds of eagles soaring around DC today? Here’s what’s up...

Over two hundred national service advocates dressed as eagles mobilized and rallied across Washington, DC on Monday, May 7th in the biggest campaign to expand national service of all time.

Just as the bald eagle overcame extinction in the 1970s and is now thriving, we’re fighting to overcome the extinction of national service in the President’s 2019 budget and expand it.  

National service represents the best America has to offer — a commitment to our citizens and our country. National service gives us the strength we need to overcome pressing issues like natural disasters, the opioid epidemic, and education inequity.

That’s why we organized hundreds of national service advocates and alums to rally in DC and tell Congress to expand national service. It’s time to Let National Service Soar!  

Learn more at LetUsServe.org.


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Service Year Alliance is a nonprofit dedicated to making a year of paid, full-time service — service year — a common expectation and opportunity for all young Americans.
Why are there eagles in DC?
Why are there eagles in DC?
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