Winston Churchill
Owner: Amy McIsaac

Age: 10

Favorite thing to eat? Whatever meat my husband and I are about to cook

Tell us about their personality: Winston is a happy, calm, well trained, lovable, old dog. I have never heard him bark!

Best trick: At 9 years old, Winston learned how to swim. We took him to the lake by our house day after day, and he was always afraid to go further than he could stand. Then one day, I think he just decided he could swim, and he started go far out in the water to fetch a ball. Whoever said you can't teach an old dog new tricks was wrong!

Funniest thing they have ever done? Winston never goes into our bathroom, but one day, he went in there, passed gas pretty loudly, and then walked out looking embarrassed. I've never laughed so hard in my life.

Advice to another pet coming in your home: "They travel a lot, so when you see the suitcase, brace yourself."


Winston Churchill | Owner: Amy McIsaac
Winston Churchill | Owner: Amy McIsaac
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