Brand Kit

The following resources are available for use by the media and partner organizations. Please note and abide by the terms for use in each section. For further information, contact Cameron Blossom at [email protected].


Downloadable Logos

Full Color logo (for print)

Full Color logo (for web)

White logo (for print)

White logo (for web)

Black logo (for print)

Black logo (for web)

Downloadable Photos

If you require any service year photos, please contact Maureen Eccleston at [email protected].


  • The logo should only be used as it is provided as vector files, and used in brand colors or black and white only.

  • Do not outline, change scale, add drop shadow, add bevel/other effects, or change dimensions of the box. 

The Color Palette

Primary Colors


Red - Pantone 7579 C (web safe: #de572f) (CMYK: 07, 80, 95, 0) 

Orange - Pantone 1375 C (web safe: #ffa02f) (CMYK: 00, 45, 90, 0) 


Brand Identity

The Name

We landed on Service Year because that’s the idea we are advancing and the experience we want to brand. Our organizational name is Service Year Alliance. The name and brand of “Service Year” will live in support of all other existing brands in our field, and not seek to replace any.

Key Language

  • "Service Year" - the experience we are advancing. 
  • "Service Year Alliance" - our organizational name (note: do not abbreviate to SYA)
  • "service year corps member" - an individual who participates in a service year
  • "host organization" - any organization that plays host to a service year corps member

Brand Personality

  • Bold in everything we do – our ideas, our goals, and our vision. This is not the time to be timid or think small.
  • Adventurous in spirit and how we call people to action in order to be memorable and life-changing.
  • Optimistic about the future and the role of each rising generation to make it greater for all.
  • Inclusive of who serves and who we partner with to achieve our vision.



Boilerplate for Service Year Alliance

Service Year Alliance is working to make a year of paid, full-time service — a service year — a common expectation and opportunity for all young Americans. A service year before, during, or after college — or as a way to find your path — gives young people the chance to transform their lives, make an impact in their community, and become the active citizens and leaders our nation needs. Expanding service years has the power to revitalize cities, uplift and educate children at risk, and empower communities struggling with poverty. It can unite the most diverse nation in history, binding people of different backgrounds through common cause. Service Year Alliance is asking nonprofits, higher education institutions, cities and states, companies and foundations, policymakers of both parties, and people of all ages to join the movement. Learn more at



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Brand Kit
Brand Kit
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