Welcome to the Recruitment Toolkit

Friends and partners,

Over the past several months, Service Year Alliance has studied what it takes to recruit young people ages 18-28 and encourage them to consider participating in a service year.

From polling and intensive research studies to collecting best practices and hosting field-wide webinars and conference calls, Service Year Alliance has worked with the service year field — programs, partners, state commissions and thought leaders — to get your advice about recruiting young people to do a service year.

What works? What doesn’t? How do you reach young people today when our world is inundated with seemingly unlimited forms of communication? We’ve tried our hand at answering these questions in the following Service Year Recruitment Toolkit.

The following is a collection of best practices, tools, guidelines, and suggestions that Service Year Alliance has created with the help of numerous service year programs, advisors, and consultants. We encourage every program on ServiceYear.org to utilize this toolkit to boost and support their service year recruitment efforts.

As always, this toolkit is an ever-changing product that Service Year Alliance fully expects to update and adjust as we continue to learn from our analytics and metrics on ServiceYear.org.

Thanks to all of you who contributed their decades of learning, gave us your advice, and participated in webinars and focus groups about recruitment.

With questions or to request additional resources, please contact [email protected] or reach out to me directly.

In service,

Kristen Bennett, Managing Director, Service Year Exchange

[email protected]


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Welcome to the Recruitment Toolkit
Welcome to the Recruitment Toolkit
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